Manufacturing - Custom Developments

CNE specialises in the development of custom equipment and experimental setups. Below are some examples

of such projects we have realized for different customers in Cyprus and overseas.

wind tunnel web 

Open Flow Subsonic Wind Tunnel

Cyprus University of Technology

Large Working Cross-Section 500x500mm  -  Laminar flow speeds up to 30 m/s (100 kmh)

Integrated data acquisition and control by NI  -  3 component force/moment balance

dryer web 
 Tray Dryer Unit

Cyprus University of Technology

Determination of drying times for plants & herbs  -  Full St/St construction with insulated chamber and ducting
Air flow control to 5 m/s  -  Drying temperature to 100 °C  -  Suspended multi-tray system
20kg max capacity with 0.2g accuracy  -  Integral control or air speed and chamber temperature
Built-in datalogger for all measured parameters  -  LabView based software for calculating drying rate

 permeability web
High Pressure Permeability Tester

Czech Technical University

Uses the principle of the Hussler tri-axial cell to determine the permeability for materials with very low porosity (e.g. concrete)
Tested with materials having permeability as low as 10E-18 m/s
Uses pulse free high pressure pump with control flow rates 0.005 to 4 ml/min
Sample core made entirely of St/St. Can easily be assembled and disassembled to change the test sample
Can withstand flow pressures up to 250 bar
System is controlled via Labview and embedded controller

 iptetster web
Oscillating Spray Tester

Industrial Research Institute - Lebanon

Adjustable IPX3 & IPX4 Test System
IPX3 "Protection against Spraying Water"
IPX4 "Protection against Splashing Water"
According to IEC 60529, EN 60539, IEC 60335, IEC 60950, EN 60335
PLC control box for automated testing according to the norms

hum cabinet web
Test Chamber for Electrical Appliances

EU Procurement Contract SYR/2013/D/00258

Humidity cabinet for testing the resistance of electrical appliances to moisture according to IEC 60335-1
Large capacity chamber 1800L - Entirely made of St/St AISI 304
Can hold humidity levels above 95% for prolonged periods
Low power consumption as opposed to conventional environmental chambers
Utilises a high speed atomizer for maintaining uniform humidity inside the control volume

test corner web 
The Test Corner !

EU Procurement Contract SYR/2013/D/00258

The Test Corner is used for assessing the temperature radiated by household appliances for preventing

excessive heating and possible fire according to IEC 60335-1.
Can accommodate up to 400 thermocouple matrix
Simultaneous sampling datalogging and analysis for all measurement points in real-time

 ballistic web
Ballistic Test System

G&L Calibers Ltd (Victory Cartrides) - Cyprus

Ballistic performance of shotgun cartridges
Measures up to five projectile velocities along the flight path
Measures dynamic chamber pressure
Implemented with KISTLER dynamic pressure sensors
Custom made laser beam screens for velocity measurements
National instruments data acquisition hardware
Labview based software with MySQL database
Meets and exceeds the requirements of CIP standards

pattern web

Shotgun Pattern System (UK PATENT GB2464556)

G&L Calibers Ltd (Victory Cartrides) - Cyprus

The most advance system available for capturing, analysing and reporting shotgun patterns
Automatic Pattern Target (APT). A patented target system using no paper or other consumables
PatternView is high end Windows application for capturing and analysing shotgun patterns.

The developed software relies on the latest image recognition algorithms and uses advanced computational geometry

to calculate pattern characteristics.